The Audio Foreign Office Limited is a Portuguese based company, founded in June 2009. We have always felt that a proper dealer with the right skills and infrastructure would best service the current and future needs of the used high-end audio market. Now beginning our 2nd year we have decided to sell outside of Portugal. That is why we provide a secure platform through our Online shop for buyers and sellers to buy/sell their used equipment.

Audio Foreign Office team comes with over a decade of experience selling brands like: Accuphase, Air Tight, Burmester, Dynaudio, Linn, Naim Audio, SME, Transrotor and van den Hul just to mention a few.
We are confident that the level of service and expertise we can bring will result in the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients. Most of our business is now from repeat customers: they liked the prices, our support (before, during and after the sale) and our 90 day guarantee.

Audio Foreign Office gets some of the best used high-end audio equipment you can find anywhere and we check it out to make sure it is in good condition before we sell it to you.

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